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Progress Report, in which I attempt to convince myself of something

As I mentioned last week, my schedule has been thrown all out of whack. Hence the delay in filing a progress report.

Aforementioned schedule issues have also utterly derailed my writing. At times like these, I wonder how I ever managed to bang out the first draft of a novel in four months. I also begin to wonder what it will take to get back to those heady days. Are circumstances simply beyond my control right now, or am I just being lazy? Should I take sterner measures and really buckle down? Or should I get all Zen about the whole thing, and go with the flow? Is this current disruption a necessary break after having completed the first phase of a major project? Or am I just rationalizing?

Gawd, the things we writers do to ourselves. To quote some of the wit and wisdom of my favorite band:

One day I feel I’m ahead of the wheel

And the next it’s rolling over me

I can get back on

I can get back on . . .

To my ears, those last two lines sound less like a confident assertion and more like I’m trying to convince myself that it’s possible.

I did manage some meager headway on “Gone Black” last week, retooling a scene. Said retooling should, I believe, position me to make some real headway on this draft–if I can ever get back to it. This week’s schedule appears a little more sane, but experience has taught me not to make any rash promises.

I’m a writer. Really I am. I can get back on . . . I can get back on . . .

Write Club update:

Cemetery Dance
bounced “Take This, and Eat,” but included a hand-scribbled note on the rejection: “Well done! Please try again w/another!” Response time, four months.

Gotta bail.

3 Responses to “Progress Report, in which I attempt to convince myself of something”

  • devilwrites says:

    It’s funny, cause this has been coming up a lot lately, not just at the board (duh), but (Michele) and I were discussing it via phone. She told me that when she finished the rough draft of her novel (she’s in SHU with me, and my crit partner, and she’s an Odyssey 2005 grad as well), she had to switch gears right away to work on TNEO submissions. She said working on short stories REALLY helped. It was a break, because her mind wasn’t thinking of the same material, but she was still writing, just in a different medium. Because it was so different, it gave her the break she needed.

    Anyway, I understand how you feel. Like I said on the board, we all work differently. I don’t know if you’re more of a short story or novel person, but maybe pushing out very rough drafts of a short story or two is all you need?

    Or I could be on crack. You might NEED a complete and total break and just let your brain stew. We’re all different, and it’s too early in the morning for me to be babbling, so I’ll shut up.

    Did you get your PETRA crit okay? Did it open?

    • admin says:

      I think I’d probably feel better if I could just string together a decent week of writing.

      Yep, got the crit, no problems. Haven’t read it yet; I’m keeping my distance from the novel until I get “Gone Black” sorted.

      Many, many thanks! I’ll be looking forward to receiving your ms soon. (So get cracking!)

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