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Archive for November 2nd, 2007

Progress Report, in which I learn many things

So here’s what yr. faithful correspondent learned on his trip to Portland, Oregon:

My laptop’s battery is . . . well, a bit old, and not so able to hold a charge anymore. A full charge gets me about 20 minutes. Not exactly conducive to squeezing in some writing time while on the plane–or anywhere else out of reach of an outlet. Sigh.

When suffering from a cold, accept no substitutes for pseudoephedrine. Even if the pharmacist thinks you’re just using it to make meth.

Portland is disconcertingly close to Mount St. Helens. Mount Hood I knew about. OK, fine. But what’s that looming just to the north? Why, it’s yet another volcano, one that literally blew its top just thirty short years ago. Yikes!

is still, despite being on the verge of superstardom, a genuinely good guy.

is still, well,

. Just in case you were wondering.

draws cool dragons. Also, angels.

In addition to her many other talents,

read runes (or is it ruins?). My runes tell me that . . . oh, you’ll just have to wait and see.

Dave and Merilee are gracious hosts, and their kittens are a lot of fun. (Coming from a guy who generally doesn’t care for cats, that’s saying a lot.)

There are no cannons at Cannon Beach. Or they’re cunningly concealed. Haystack Rock is cool, though.

Tillamook Extra Sharp Cheddar is the finest of that variety I’ve ever tasted.

No photograph of Multnomah Falls does it justice. Not even that one.

Paying for wifi access sucks.

Downtown Portland contains some mighty fine eatin’.

Gelato is pretty tasty.


helped teach me this.

Powell’s is teh awesome.

There are no gas stations in Portland. Anywhere.

Writing, you say?  Oh, yeah, that. I managed a little.  Wrote that new scene for the opening of Petra.  Much rearranging remains to be done.  I learned that in Portland, too.

Here endeth the lesson.