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Archive for January, 2008

News you can use

I’m normally not one for posting much linkage, but here are few health-related tidbits you might have missed:

Doctors in Washington have decided to stop billing their patients when they screw up.  Mighty nice of ’em.

Was that Zantac or Xanax you needed?  Yikes.  Learn your drugs.  Know your dosages.  It’s elementary.

Progress Report, in which tempus really fugits

And it’s Monday already.  Where did the time go?

More important, what did I accomplish last week?

I know I spent a lot of time working on many writing-related program activities, but I’m just not sure how I managed to fill up a whole week with them.

Let’s see . . . there was a flurry of emails at the beginning of the week, as I tried to walk a tightrope through a particularly tricky marketing situation, one I had heretofore not encountered.  (I don’t want to go into details here.  Suffice to say that mishandled, it could have turned into an ugly situation.  It’s resolved now, with a positive outcome, so that’s good.)

And then I rustled up some readers for Petra, and got the manuscript out to them.  Y’all know who you are.  Thanks again, gang!

And then I spent a day or two on the Sekrit Projekt–which has by now been built up way too much, and is bound to disappoint when revealed.  C’est la vie.

And by then, it was Sunday, and I printed out a hard copy of Petra, and finally turned my mind toward rewriting “Right Before Your Very Eyes.”

And here it is Monday again.  When did that happen?

Write Club updates:

A personalized rejection from Interzone‘s Mundane SF issue for “Fuel.”  Response time, about five months.

Not a problem, though, since, as I mentioned earlier, Cosmos picked it up.

A reminder:  “Hitting the Skids in Pixeltown” and “Alan Smithee Lives in Hell” are available on AnthologyBuilder.  If there are other works of mine you’d like to see there, drop me a line in comments.

Outta here . . .

Paging the LJ Hivemind

Got a question for those more technologically inclined than I: 

Last year, I acquired an older laptop.  It works fine, but the battery holds a max of about 20 minutes’ worth of charge.  I’m guessing this is due to the age of the battery, and perhaps a few years of disuse.

What I’m wondering is whether it’s worth my while to get a replacement battery.  Sony no longer makes it, but I have found some vendors online that have it in stock.  But if age and disuse are the problem, will I have the same issue with a replacement?  After all, even if it’s brand new, it’s been sitting on a shelf for years.

So is finding a battery for an older laptop a lost cause?  Or is there hope?

(This isn’t that big a deal, really.  It’s not like I write in coffee shops.  I would just like the option to do so, should the need arise.)

Thanking you in advance . . .

ETA–Thanks, all, for the good advice.  Looks like I’m getting a new battery.  Maybe even two.