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Paging the LJ Hivemind

Got a question for those more technologically inclined than I: 

Last year, I acquired an older laptop.  It works fine, but the battery holds a max of about 20 minutes’ worth of charge.  I’m guessing this is due to the age of the battery, and perhaps a few years of disuse.

What I’m wondering is whether it’s worth my while to get a replacement battery.  Sony no longer makes it, but I have found some vendors online that have it in stock.  But if age and disuse are the problem, will I have the same issue with a replacement?  After all, even if it’s brand new, it’s been sitting on a shelf for years.

So is finding a battery for an older laptop a lost cause?  Or is there hope?

(This isn’t that big a deal, really.  It’s not like I write in coffee shops.  I would just like the option to do so, should the need arise.)

Thanking you in advance . . .

ETA–Thanks, all, for the good advice.  Looks like I’m getting a new battery.  Maybe even two.

6 Responses to “Paging the LJ Hivemind”

  • vylar_kaftan says:

    My understanding is that it’s the number of times you use a battery, combined with the age, that would give it such a low lifetime. That’s what’s happened with my laptop.

    Replacing the battery with a new and unused one, even if it was made several years ago, should improve the situation for you. It won’t be as nice as a brand-new laptop, but it’ll be better than what you have.

    I might be mistaken on this point.

  • aliettedb says:

    I did it for my own laptop (a 4-year-old model). I don’t know whether the battery I got was old or not, but it certainly held far more charge than my original battery.

  • I also got a replacement battery for my laptop. One was brand new and one was slightly used. The money spent was so worth it. I went from twenty minutes to three hours of use. So good.

  • lonfiction says:

    I am so glad you posted this question. I’m in pretty much the same boat. Guess I need to start looking for batteries, eh?

  • You should buy a new battery if its not cost-prohibitive. One thing that helps with a new battery, is not to make a habit of recharging constantly. The first few cycles, use the laptop or just leave it on until the battery is completely dead. This will help your battery to retain a longer up-time. Even the newest laptop batteries suffer from this “cell memory” where when you recharge them repeatedly before they’re completely drained, they quickly develop a much shorter battery life.


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