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Archive for March, 2008

Progress Report, in which I stop fooling around

Feeling a bit better about the novel than I was at this time last week.  I’m still not sure I know enough to start drafting, but I’m going for it, anyway.  Tomorrow, Petra Released begins.

Yes, I know tomorrow’s April Fool’s Day–perhaps not the most auspicious time to begin.  Tough.  If it all falls apart, I guess I’ll know why.

I think fear was my problem last week.  I was a little scared to let the story be what it wanted to be.  I wasn’t sure I could pull it off.  But finally, I got tired of the self doubt.  The scary parts are also the bits I’m most interested in exploring.  So to hell with it.  I scribbled more notes, focusing on the opening chapters.  Tomorrow, it rolls, April Fool’s Day or not.

And you know, maybe that fear is a good sign, an indication that I’m stretching.  Or something.

One update for Write Club:  A tier one rejection from Shroud.  Response time, two and a half months.


Good times

As noted on

‘s blog, tonight’s Omaha Beach Party gathering celebrated . . . well, this.

The standing ovation as I entered was very sweet. I figured that would be the extent of it, but no.  There were badges, courtesy of

.  There was free cheese bread, also courtesy of

.  There was cake, courtesy of

.  Frosting got all over my shirt. 

gifted me with a lovely Pelikan M400 pen, which I am under strict orders not to use at signings–unless I’m signing a contract. 

, GS and family, and the wife were also in attendance. Good friends, good food, good times.

Much appreciated, gang. Y’all really didn’t have to do that. But thanks.

Progress Report, in which I fear the unknown

Soldiered on with note-making for Petra Released–as best I could, anyway.

Not that I’m complaining, mind you, but I was quite overwhelmed with congratulatory emails from last week’s good news.  If I’ve neglected to thank anyone, please understand that it was not intentional.  And thanks.  I am genuinely touched . . . and genuinely knocked for a loop.  It was mighty hard concentrating last week, I must say.  One of those hazards no one tells you about ahead of time.  Again, I’m not complaining.  I’m just sayin’.

But now I’m a week away from April 1st, my projected start date for Petra Released . . . and I’m suddenly in minor freak-out mode:  “One week left?  Only one week?  When did that happen!?”  I fear I don’t know anywhere near enough about this novel to start drafting in seven days. 

Now, if I recall correctly, I had much the same moment of panic about one week out from Petra, and that one seemed to go pretty well.  I mean, really, by the time I started it, I had a decent idea about the first act, a vague idea or two about the second, and was pretty much clueless about the third.  But at the moment, that’s of little comfort to me.  Some writerly insecurity is making me wonder if I can produce at the same clip as I did last year, or if I was just a one-trick pony.

The only remedy for that I can think of is to get cracking on figuring out this first act.  And I have a week to do it.  Yikes!

In other news–I’ve been asked to coordinate a writers’ workshop at OSFest.  I’ve never coordinated one, but I’ve certainly attended a few.  So what the hell, I said OK.  Wish me luck.  If you have any tips, pointers, warnings, etc., let me know, wouldya?  Thanks.

Oh, and if you’re thinking of coming to OSFest and are interested in participating in said workshop, please do drop me a line.

No updates for Write Club.