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Progress Report, in which irony is pretty ironic

I’ve been making my word goals every week, despite all the myriad obstacles real life has devised to throw at me.  So what finally ends up as the one I can’t surmount?  

A con.  OSFest, to be precise.

Still, I managed to put in 3200 words.  Magic Meter stands here:

Irony.  It’s good for your blood.

OSFest was a great time, BTW.

Don’t have time to blog about it now, as I’m at the hospital with my niece, who is busy trying to deliver a new baby.  Gotta bail. 

4 Responses to “Progress Report, in which irony is pretty ironic”

  • blzblack says:

    Good to see you, Matt. Nice to meet your friend. Hope the reading went well.

    • admin says:

      It was good seeing you, too. Glad you could come to dinner.

      Reading went pretty well, I thought. I even had a decent turnout.

      Hope to see you at the next OBP.

  • osfest

    I was fortunate enough to attend your reading (and the Clarke panel) at osfest. good stuff! This was my first introduction to your work, and I plan to check out more of your work. Thanks for attending and reading

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