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Archive for December, 2008

Progress Report, in which I admit my addiction

More writing-related program activities, interspersed with holiday goodness.  I completed a (much-delayed) novel critique, subbed another novel query, and then had to slap together an outline of Petra, owing to a request for same from an agent, plus sample chapters.  

Christmas was good to me.  Had fun spending Borders gift cards–thereby putting myself even further behind in my reading.

It’s an addiction and a sickness, this reading thing.  Most of the nation is, of course, blissfully unafflicted.

This week, while I’m off from the day job, I’ll be going through partials from the Codex Novel Contest, about which I believe I have previously spoken. 

Watch this space for a year-end summation and 2009 goals.

Happy New Year, all!

For you and yours this holiday season . . .

A couple of my Christmas favorites, cheesy hairstyles notwithstanding:

Progress Report, in which I draw a blank

Had a week full of writing-related program activities, interspersed with interruptions from Real Life, both planned and unplanned.

It happens.  Took care of several administrative things, including filling out a program participant form for WorldCon.  And . . . um . . .

You know, I know I did some other stuff, but I’m drawing a complete blank at the moment.  Let me see . . .

Sent out a novel query.

Answered some emails.

Uh . . .

Uh . . .

Well, I did lots of stuff.  Really I did.  Trust me.  Would I lie?

Write Club update:

Tier one rejection from Brutarian.  Response time, ten days.

And I’m out of here.

(But I was busy, gang.  Really I was.)