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Archive for May 4th, 2009

Progress Report, in which I reveal one of my many neuroses

How did it get to be May already?  Yikes!

So anyway, instead of cutting and running on the rewrite of "Wet Work," as I had been sorely tempted to do, I buckled down and finished it.  This is a guilt/compulsion thing with me, I guess–to finish what I start.

I have the same problem with the books I read, too–even if it’s a really bad book.  Seriously.  Even if I actively hate the book I’m reading, if I dread going back to it, if I’d rather stick hot needles in my eyes than read another word . . . still I press on.  If I give up, it’s like admitting the book won.

Hey, you have your neuroses, I have mine.

Besides, I told myself that I actually was working on the next novel, in a way.  In particular, some of the characterization bits I’ve uncovered in this draft will be quite helpful.  I’ve also hashed out some of the key background information.  So I guess I’m already on my way.

Next on the agenda (after catching up on some correspondence, that is)–notes.  That’s right, folks, it’s back into dream time for me.  For this go-round, I kind of feel like a location scout for a major movie.  See, I’ll be setting the next novel here in my hometown of Omaha.  That means I’ll get to use real places–a distinct change of pace from Petra and Petra Released, in which I had to make up all that setting stuff.  I’m not sure yet if working with actual locations will be harder or easier, but it sure makes trips downtown more interesting.  Hmm . . . would that abandoned building be a good place for the book’s opening?  How about a scene set in the Old Market?  How can I work in the new pedestrian bridge over the river?  And so on.

And so another new adventure begins.  Hope it doesn’t suck.

One update for Write Club:  The just-announced Apex hiatus claimed a story I had just subbed there.  C’est la vie.

Movin’ on . . .