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Archive for July 13th, 2009

My OSFest Schedule

This coming weekend is the Omaha Science Fiction and Fantasy Festival–OSFest, for short. Guests include Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta.  Oh, and I’ll be there, too.

Here’s my schedule:

5:00 p.m.
Star Trek: Back to Basics. Does the Reboot Work?
Ballroom C
Panel Members: Denny Lynch, Bruce Crawford, Daryl Frazetti, Matthew Rotundo, Martin Miller
(You really don’t want to miss this one.  Sparks will fly.)

11:00 p.m.
SF Films:  Before & After Apollo 11
Ballroom C
Panel Members:  Denny Lynch, Matthew Rotundo, Bruce Crawford

12:00 p.m.
Dune: The Saga that Keeps on Giving
Ballroom C
Panel Members:  Kevin J. Anderson, Matthew Rotundo

1:00 p.m.
Reading by Matthew Rotundo
Con Suite – Second Room
(Not sure what I’ll be reading yet. I’m leaning toward "Fuel," and maybe something else.)

9:00 a.m.
Writing Workshop
Board Room

If you’re local, do stop by and help support the local con scene.  Hope to see you there!

Progress Report, in which I become one with chaos

Notched another 5K on Wet Work. Cue timpani, aaaand:

These chapters are probably too long, and way too expository.  The second act is still fuzzy.  And the ending is pretty much a mystery.  In other words, situation normal.

See how remarkably calm I am about all this?  I am one with the chaos.

Here’s a snippet, for your edification: