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Progress Report, in which I whistle past the graveyard

Another 5.2K on Wet Work last week.  Magic Meter, whaddaya say?

Still folding in bits from the short story, and rushing toward the climactic end of the first act.  At the same time, I’m scrambling to prepare for WorldCon.

If I want to make my word goal of 20K for August, it is imperative that I get some writing done during this convention.  Shouldn’t be a problem.  I mean, really, how hard can it be to take a couple of hours each day to bang out some prose?  The fact that I’ve never previously been able to accomplish this feat on the road shouldn’t be cause for concern, right?  Everything’s gonna work out just fine.

Unbridled optimism, or whistling past the graveyard?  You decide.

Here’s your snippet:

Neil grabbed the walkie-talkie and spoke into it:  "I’m at the front desk. Ms. Gordon just got here.  What do you have?"

"Someone went after the equipment locker with a prybar, or something.  The chain’s snapped, and the door is dented in."

"Copy," Neil said.  "Anything missing?"

A garbled burst came over the radio.

"Missed that, Barry.  Say again?"

"I said, the baseball bats are gone."

Neil’s and Emily’s gazes met.  He wore a puzzled frown.

Emily needed no time to figure it out.  "Shit," she said.

Barry spoke again, echoing Emily’s thoughts:  "Looks like someone wants to bust some heads."


No updates for Write Club.

See some of y’all in Montreal!

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