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Progress Report, in which I declare victory

A few days late with this, but hey, cut me some slack.  I just got back from Montreal yesterday.  All that fun, food, and French is enough to fry a dude’s brains, n’est-ce pas?

Much con reportage to do, but those will have to be separate blog entries.  For now, we’ll just talk about the latest on Wet Work.

Managed 3.1K in Montreal–although 2K of that was basically a large cut-and-paste from the short story.  That’s more than I’ve ever gotten done at a convention before, so I’m declaring a minor victory.  Here’s Magic Meter:

Remember how I said the end of this first act was moving along briskly, as opposed to the end of my first acts in the previous two novels?  Yeah, well, maybe I spoke too soon.  Now I feel like I’m bogging down.  Of course, that’s probably more a function of my disrupted schedule than the text itself.  Anyway, I’ll wrap it up shortly, and then embark on that great mystery that is my second act.

Here’s a snippet:

He hadn’t even had time to buckle his seat belt before she’d set off. He braced himself with one hand against the dashboard as she drove. "You’re actually going to attack this werewolf?"

"No, you idiot. I’m going to get those kids the hell out of there before anyone attacks anyone."

"What do you need the knives for, then?"

"In case we’re too late."

Of course, if there were too late, they would likely find nothing but bloody, dismembered corpses, the werewolf long gone.

No updates for Write Club.

Look for a series of WorldCon reports soon.  But not tonight.  Gotta get to bed.

Laterz . . .

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