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Archive for February, 2010

Progress Report, in which I cannot tell a lie

I would just like to say that I had a phenomenally productive week, am now (gasp and swoon!) ahead of schedule, and am really looking forward to the next project.

Yes, I would like to say these things, but I can’t, because I’m a lousy liar.

So instead, I’ll just say that February is a really short month–which is cool if you hate winter as much as I do, but not so wonderful when you have a novel critique due on the first of March.

Yikes!  ‘Scuse me while I crack the whip . . .  

The Wolfman: Another Shaggy Dog Story

My review of The Wolfman is now up at Fantasy.  Have a gander, if yer interested.

Progress Report, in which my muse sends her regards

Got some Nebula and Hugo reading done, as planned, and made my Nebula noms.  I was also astonished to note the number of nominations "Gone Black" picked up.  Not enough to get me on the ballot, but definitely more than I was expecting.  My thanks to those of you who saw fit to recognize it.

I also scratched out another review for Fantasy.  It should go up tomorrow.

Oh, and I heard from my muse last night, just as I was going to sleep.  She told me how to fix the opening for "The Hills," and made a few other suggestions for the rewrite.

She’s well, by the way.  She sends her regards.

Up next:  that second novel crit I was talking about.  After that, it’s looking like we’ll fix up "The Hills," and then dive into the rewrite of Wet Work.

And now you’re all caught up.  Wish I could say the same.