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Progress Report, in which I give it the once-over. Twice.

PC problems persist, so I’m soldiering on with the laptop.  Even so, I managed to finish the rewrite of "The Hills."  Here’s Magic Meter to make it official:

This took me longer to finish than I thought it would.  I spent a few extra days tinkering and puttering.  I find I do this with every story I work on:  before I can bring myself to call it done, I have to give it the once-over.  Twice.  Or in the case of this story, three times.

Here’s a snippet:

Icy hands seized his shoulders from behind, threw him against the wall. The candle flame guttered but remained lit. He spun, intending to shove it in the face of his attacker, hot wax and all.

It was the woman, her features twisted, teeth bared.

She stepped out of a hidden alcove. In a wheezing, clotted voice, she said, "Give it to me. It’s mine."


And now it’s printed and sent out to make its way in the world.  Felt good to put some new material in circulation.

Now I can hit the rewrite of Wet Work.  First up is a read-through–which I don’t need a computer for, so that’s a good thing.

No updates for Write Club.

Till next time, then.

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