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Announcing: The Help Matt Pick His Halloween Costume Contest!

Halloween is the ultimate geek holiday, and I am, after all, a geek. Stands to reason, then, that I adore this time of year. It is my Christmas.

But we’re less than 3 weeks out from the Big Day, and I don’t have any idea what my costume will be. Imagine my distress.

Then I thought, "Hey, maybe the Internetz can help!"

So it is that I proudly announce my first ever contest: Help Matt Pick His Halloween Costume!

Just submit your costume suggestion(s) in comments. I’ll pick my favorite, and maybe even post a pic or two of me wearing it!  The winner will receive a free PDF version of my story "The Woman Who Hated Halloween," now available from Damnation Books.

This is a creepy little story, folks–perfect for perusing by the light of a jack-o’lantern. So even if you don’t win, you might want to consider downloading it in any of its various eBook formats, including Kindle. Just in time for the holiday.

I suppose it wouldn’t be a contest without some rules and caveats, so here we go:

1. The wife will be doing the costume and makeup, being much more adept at that sort of thing than I. But while her abilities are limitless, her time and patience are not. So do try to keep it simple.

2. You may submit as many suggestions as you like. What the hell.

3. Given that it’s my contest, my judgment is final. This makes the whole thing very subjective, of course. That’s the way it goes. So no whining if you don’t win, OK?

4. I reserve the right to modify the winning costume suggestion in any way I deem appropriate. I’m wearing the damned thing, after all.

5. Deadline for entries is October 26th. I’ll announce the winner on October 27th.

Just to save you a little time and avoid duplication, here are some of my previous costumes:

Dorothy (yes, that Dorothy)
The Tin Man
Gene Simmons
Captain Jack Sparrow
Napoleon Dynamite
The Joker (both the Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger versions)
Hannibal Lecter

OK, that’s about all I can think of at the moment.  So go to it, and good luck!

Truly, this is what the Internet was made for, folks.  Happy Halloween!

15 Responses to “Announcing: The Help Matt Pick His Halloween Costume Contest!”

  • May I suggest Two-Face or The Ventriloquist (both from Batman’s Rogue’s Gallery)?

  • jlapp says:

    Bacon Cat?
    Bella from Twilight?
    Sarah Palin
    A Na’vi

  • kristajhl says:

    This may be out of left field, but Edward Scissorhands?
    And, of course, you could round out the Oz mythology with either the Scarecrow or the Cowardly Lion.

    Hope you’re deeply well.

  • babarnett says:

    Might be difficult to see, but how about an alien face hugger victim?

    Or Han Solo…in carbonite.

  • art_ungulate says:

    How about dressing up as HP Lovecraft? As in: Lovecraft. Not Cthulu. And yet, do it in a way that Cthulu fans would know you’re Lovecraft?

    Or dressing as your favorite scene from a well-known novel? (I have a costume of a fellow wearinga shower curtain, complete with metal hoop all the way around, in mind here–but with a butcher knife, a la Psycho, added to it, as inspiration.)

    That’s all that comes to mind now. I’ll post again if I have a eureka moment, though. 😉

    • paulliver says:

      Dressing up as Lovecraft would be tough. Speaking as someone who once dressed up as Nietzche for Halloween, I warn you most people will be lucky to guess what century your costume is from. One person didn’t even realize I was in a costume, she just thought I was dressed up to look nice.

      • art_ungulate says:

        I agree it would be a challenge, but I’ve just thought of a couple cheats: add props, like a large ornate book titled… bother… one of the titles of the books Lovecraft featured in his stories, and maybe have a tentacle peeking out from the waiscoat. 🙂

  • amysisson says:

    You know, this is very surreal — I’ve either seen a photo of you as Dorothy (but I’m not sure why/how I would have), or it’s just incredibly easy to imagine you as her.

    Surely, as a more-slender-and-much-better-looking-Belushi-lookalike, you’ve already done the Blues Brothers at some point. If not, you might see if Mark is up for it!

  • xanthalanari says:

    I don’t think I can top Dorothy as an idea – I’m usually very boring and recycle my pirate outfit. Although I could branch out into highwayman this year.

    One of my friends once taped mini cereal boxes all over his shirt, with plastic knives sticking out of them. He was a cereal killer. *sigh*

  • garyomaha says:

    In keeping with a recent theme, perhaps you could go as a hot air balloon? I’d leave it to T as to how to accomplish it.

  • Anonymous says:


    My favorite person is Dr Frank Furter from Rocky Horror Picture Show. How do you look in fishnets?

  • chuk_g says:

    You could go as some kind of construction supply. I was thinking some of that pink fiberglass insulation, but even dressing up as a sheet of drywall could be fun.

    Or you could go as Spider-Man’s lesser known cousin, Snail-Man.

    (Did everyone already suggest going as a website? Also I saw a pun photo that would make a good costume, you could go as a girl made out of Lego and you’d be Lego Lass.)

  • newroticgirl says:

    Tony Stark (aka Iron Man)

    Dress in biz gear, put one of those push lights on your chest to be the nuke-youlur heart machine, and act like a jerk all evening? As a bonus, no one will think twice if you drink heavily. 😉

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