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Progress Report, in which I doubt the existence of brilliance

Yr. faithful correspondent, intrepid as ever, has logged another 5.1K on "From Earth I Have Arisen."  Magic Meter tells no lies:

And yes, I’m still looking for my ending.  Actually, I’m beginning to wonder if this draft even has an ending.  I’ve been holding out hope that the longer I have to wait for it, the more brilliant it will be when I find it.  This might be a tad unrealistic of me.  Maybe there is no brilliant discovery to be found.  In fact, I’m starting to fear I’m just going to get to a point where I type <insert ending here> and be done.

Hey, I don’t like it any more than you do.

Anyway, let’s enjoy a snippet:

A momentary fantasy flitted through Wayne’s mind: though the attack on the courthouse had failed, it might yet pay dividends. The devastation and horror that had been unleashed might be enough to bring the tyrants down, after all. People would only take so much.

But Wayne recalled the girl that had just been gunned down in front of him, and the horrific tale she had told. He recalled hatred and madness in Jack Knife’s eyes and wondered who remained in Independence with the will to resist him. Worst of all, he recalled that Knife was the only man alive, outside of his own team, who had knowingly laid eyes on the face of Captain Nightwind.

Write Club updates:  A tier one rejection from an agent on a novel query, and a tier one bounce from F & SF.  Response time, eight days.

And I’m out.

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