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Archive for September 11th, 2011

Ten Years Gone

It's been ten years since they murdered 3,000 of us.

Ten years since I watched the television, horrified and nauseated but unable to turn away, as the towers collapsed.

Ten years since my beloved America lost its mind.

Ten years since we abandoned our principles because they had become inconvenient.

Ten years since men and women who would normally know better began rationalizing and defending torture.

Ten years since demagogues and unscrupulous men used the attacks to justify an unprecedented power grab they have since refused to relinquish.

Ten years since we sacrificed essential liberty for temporary security, deserving neither.

Ten years since we dove headfirst into an ocean of paranoia.

Ten years since we surrendered to terror.

Ten years since we lost our way.

As Bruce Springsteen promised, it's gonna be a long walk home.

I hope you'll pardon me if I find it an anniversary I'd rather not commemorate.