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Archive for October 17th, 2011

Progress Report, in which I have a good feeling

Another 5K on Apocalypse Pictures Presents, bringing Magic Meter to here:

Coming up on a bit of a blank spot–the first of many in my road.  No need for panic yet.  I’ve certainly been through this before.  And I can’t help feeling that something fairly cool is about to happen.  No idea what it is, but I’m kinda looking forward to finding out.

Your snippet for the week:

Eddie McConnell waited in a cage and watched as Jimmie dispensed justice in Anaheim.

Attendance at the assembly was mandatory for all Mouseketeers, except for those on sentry duty.  They filled the plaza before Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, which stood at the edge of his peripheral vision.  Though the paint had long since peeled and faded and its tallest tower had collapsed, still its crenellated walls stood, covered with scrawling graffiti:  crudely drawn mouse ears, obscenities, indecipherable scribbles and symbols–and over the archway, the legend Because we LIKE you! The water in the moat had a greenish cast, much of it overgrown with algae, and gave off a foul smell.

Eddie was no good at estimating crowds, but from his vantage point on the platform, he figured the plaza held at least a two thousand souls.

The cage, originally meant for a large dog, was barely big enough to hold him.  His body was bent, his legs folded under his body, his head pressed against his right shoulder.  His neck pained him, but shifting position was physically impossible.  Even so, the cage was preferable to what awaited him when they let him out.

No updates for Write Club.

Gotta motor.