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Archive for May 8th, 2012

Progress Report, in which I get a little paranoid

Last week, I mentioned that I needed to get back to busting out some copy.  That didn’t, strictly speaking, happen . . . but I have a good excuse.  For realz this time.

Got a request for a full from an agent, see, and apparently the manuscript was (ahem) in need of some proofreading.  Now, this took me by surprise; my stuff’s usually pretty clean by the time I send it out to market.  But hey, nobody’s perfect.  Maybe I rushed it last time.

So I spent several days poring through the manuscript again—a reasonably tedious task, as you can well imagine.  Truth be told, I didn’t find much, which made me a little paranoid.  What if this agent is seeing some of my stylistic quirks as typos?  Most readers seem to catch on that I’m doing those things deliberately.  Wouldn’t it be my luck if this agent didn’t get it, or got it, but just didn’t like it?

See what we writers do to ourselves?  Pathetic, I tell ya.

Anyway, with that task done, I need to get back to that rewrite of “Just a Game.”  I’m gonna get make some serious headway on this thing this week.  For realz.

Other than the previously mentioned request for a full, no updates for Write Club.

I’m out.

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