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Archive for July, 2012

Progress Report, in which I give you the short version

So.  Turns out they kept me pretty busy at Launch Pad.  Which is another way of saying that writing progress was kinda negligible.  I’m calling a winner in the race, though:  it’s gonna be Potential Novel Project #2, tentatively titled “Escaping Canaan.”  This will be an expansion of my novelette “Canaan,” which originally appeared in Jim Baen’s Universe back in 2009.  Work will begin in earnest soon.

A full report on Launch Pad is forthcoming, but for now, the short version:  two tons of awesome in a one pound bag.  Reams of notes were taken.  Galaxies were seen.  I have been rechristened Dark Matter.

Watch this space for the deets.

(Yeah, that’s right:  I said deets.  ‘Cause that’s I roll.  Dig it.)

No updates for Write Club.

I’m out.

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Progress Report, in which I discuss the writing mind

I’m currently sweltering in my dorm room at Launch Pad, with another very full day ahead of me, so this will have to be kinda short:

I might have declared a winner in the race.  Maybe.  Or I might have figured out a way to defer the decision for another few weeks.  Not sure at this point.  The writing mind, she can be tricksy sometimes.

More later.

Write Club updates:  Tier one bounces from Shimmer and Clarkesworld.  Response times, 8 and 6 days, respectively.

Gotta bail.


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Progress Report, in which circumstances are discussed

A funny thing happened last week:  instead of making more novel notes, as I’d intended to do, I found myself following up on a few outstanding matters.  Then I did a bit of database updating.  And I figured while I was at it, I might as well see if I can find homes for some mss.  Before I knew it, I had spent most of the week getting stories in circulation, with a touch of research thrown in, just for kicks.

I’m glad to get some stuff back in the world, but I also recognize avoidance behavior when I see it.  See, I’m at a point where I need to declare a winner in the Potential Novel Project race.  I had hoped that by this time, circumstances would have dictated which way I should go.  But circumstances have persisted in being vague and noncommittal.

Darn those circumstances.

Anyway, I’m going to call it soon—definitely before I head to Launch Pad, which is (yikes!) next week.

In the meantime, some updates for Write Club:

Tier one bounce from Buzzy Mag.  Response time, 6 days.

Tier two reject from Nightmare.  Response time, 2 days.

And I officially gave up on a partial novel ms submission.  I figure that going on three years is long enough, y’know?

Right.  I’m out.

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