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Archive for October 15th, 2012

Progress Report, in which there is a demotion

And that’s a wrap on the rewrite of From Earth I Have Arisen.  Just because I’m feeling a bit daffy, here’s Magic Meter to make it official:

The end result of all that hacking and slashing I’ve been doing:  over 8600 words cut, or 21%.  A helluva lot, in other words.  It’s enough to make me feel like a real writer again.  And let me tell you, folks, I’ve been missing that feeling.

There is one downside to completing one of the most difficult rewrites I’ve ever done:  From Earth has been officially demoted from novel to novella.  At its previous length, it was just over the official novel threshold (40K words).  Now, it’s well under that.  And will be damned difficult to market, to boot.

On the other hand, I take some small measure of encouragement from the fact that the last story of mine that underwent such a drastic cut ended up winning an award.  So, you know.  There’s hope.

Now I need to get some manuscripts into circulation and jump into my much-delayed next novel project.  Where are my notes again . . . ?

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