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Archive for January, 2013

Progress Report, in which I am apparently really busy

Much Writing Related Program Activities (WRPA) last week—sending some follow-up correspondence, updating the database, getting some mss back into circulation, updating the website—and a smattering of actual writer-type work.

The real work took a three forms.  First, a quick edit of “None So Blind,” to bring it a little more into line with current events, making it (I hope) more marketable.  Second, a quick edit of “Wet Work:  A Tale of the Unseen,” which, as I believe I’ve mentioned, I just sold to Intergalactic Medicine Show.   And third, reviewing a rewrite request on From Earth I Have Arisen, with extensive notes.

Huh.  When you list it like that, it looks like I was really busy.  Who knew?

To be sure, that rewrite request involves a great deal of work, and I was hoping to delve into a different rewrite project—Apocalypse Pictures Presents.  But you know, From Earth is in the same continuity as Apocalypse Pictures Presents, so getting one of them squared away might help with the other.

So that’s one more thing to add to the agenda.  And hey, it beats the hell out of a rejection.

Write Club updates:  The sale to IGMS took just over two months.  The rewrite request, almost three months.

Gotta motor.

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“Wet Work: A Tale of the Unseen” to IGMS

Am pleased and proud to announce that Intergalactic Medicine Show is taking “Wet Work:  A Tale of the Unseen.”

This sale comes after a long—and I do mean long—dry spell.  It will be my fourth piece in IGMS, much to my delight.

It’s the second time I’ve sold this one.  The first was to Realms of Fantasy, which, sadly, folded before publishing it.  While I did get paid, I was always bummed that no one got to read the story.  I’m deeply gratified that it will finally see the light of day, after all.

So my weekend’s off to a great start.  Hope yours is, too.

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Pimpin’ It Old School

It’s nomination season, and if you’re eligible to nominate for the Hugos, Nebulas, or other awards, I’d like to point you to my short story “Odd Jobs,” which appeared in Buzzy Mag in June of 2012.

And if you are eligible to nominate, I encourage you to read widely and recognize that which you deem worthy.

That is all.

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