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Archive for May 6th, 2013

Progress Report, in which I combine brilliant imagery with pedantic suspense

Right.  So that’s the rewrite of From Earth I Have Arisen completed and sent back into the world.  Hope and apprehension are doing a fast rumba in my stomach.

Or something like that.

Hey, it ain’t easy being a writer, and constantly having to dream up brilliant imagery.  Those previous two paragraphs took me half an hour.

I only wish I was joking.

Anyway, as I mentioned last week, a couple of different rewrite projects beckon, one a novel, the other a short story (actually a novelette, to be boringly pedantic about it).  Not sure at this point which way I’ll go.  I’m sure the suspense is killing you, but you’ll just have to wait to see how it all comes out.

Sorry.  Them’s the rules.

No updates for Write Club.

Till next time . . .

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