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Archive for June, 2013

Progress Report, in which my brain aches

Remember Rewrite Project #1?  The one I thought I had finished a couple of weeks ago?  Well, it turned up in my inbox again, like a bad penny.  More science issues, as it happens.  My editor thought they could be “easily fixed.”

Yeah.  He’s a funny guy.

What followed was a few days’ worth of scrabbling through the Internet, searching for a reasonably plausible propulsion system for a starship, while also adjusting the time dilation effects I had referred to in the story, to properly account for acceleration and deceleration.

Easily fixed, he said.

A few days later, my brain hurting from the strain of being expanded, I selected my new propulsion system and made the necessary changes to the text.  As before, the revisions amounted to just a few sentences, stuff the casual reader will likely never even notice. But that’s not really the point, is it?

Truly, for all my whining, I now have a better story, a renewed appreciation for the resources the Internet puts at my disposal, and an aching brain.

Next up, a brief foray into a side job, then back to Rewrite Project #2, “The Winter Palace.”

No updates for Write Club.

I’m out.

(Easily fixed. Geez.)

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Progress Report, in which I ask for forgiveness

Back from that trip to Cincinnati I mentioned last week.  As you might expect, I—


What do you mean I didn’t tell you about my trip to Cincinnati?  I posted it just last week!  Go back through the archives and—

Oh, wait.

Right.  So I didn’t post a progress report last week.  Not that there was much to chat about, but still. I’m sure you were all heartbroken, and you know how much I hate to let you down.  I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me.

Anyway, I guess that’s a measure of how hectic my schedule’s been lately.  And with that said, you can probably guess how much progress I’ve made on the writing front.

Well, I’m gonna be home for the next month and a half.  So maybe that means my life will settle down and I’ll actually get a few things accomplished.

Hey, it could happen.

No updates for Write Club.

And so to business.

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Aspiring Writers: Critique Group or Lone Wolf

Episode 4 of Abby Goldsmith’s Aspiring Writers is now available for your viewing pleasure.  The topic:  “Critique Group or Lone Wolf?”  Join me, Abby, and colleagues Nicole Cushing, Sherry Peters, and Vidya Gopalakrishna as we discuss critique groups, beta readers, getting too many opinions, and much more.