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Progress Report, in which I let you see me sweat

And that’s Rewrite Project #1 in the books.  And hey, just because I haven’t done one of these in a while, here’s a Magic Meter, just for kicks:

There.  Wasn’t that fun?

What held this rewrite up for quite a while was a science issue at the heart of a critical plot point.  Orbital mechanics and I aren’t really on speaking terms, as it happens.  I needed to fix it, but how?  I tried coming at it from several different angles, and even thought I had it once, then realized that wasn’t going to work, either.  But at last a workable solution presented itself, and I was able to continue with the rewrite.

The amusingly ironic part of all this?  It amounted to two or three paragraphs in the story.  And most people who read it will never know how hard those paragraphs were.

This writing gig, man.  Crazy.  Dig it.

Never let ’em see you sweat, right?  Well, not today.

Anyway, on to Rewrite Project #2.

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