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Archive for July 10th, 2013

“From Earth I Have Arisen” ascends to Alembical 3

Now it can be told:  my novella “From Earth I Have Arisen,” which regular readers of my progress reports know has recently ridden the revision-go-round, has sold to Paper Golem’s Alembical 3.

Alembical is an anthology series dedicated to novellas.  From the Paper Golem website:  “Many a talented writer has observed that the novella is the ideal length for our genre, but it’s also one which has been under-utilized because so few markets exist for it.”

Brother, is that the truth.  I knew when I wrote “From Earth” that I would have very few places to send it.  At nearly 40K words, it’s too long even for those venues that take novellas.  And of course, it’s far too short to interest any novel publishers.  The novella is the No Man’s Land of the publishing world.  Which is why I’m profoundly grateful for Alembical.  Previous volumes in the series have featured some groovy authors, and I’m proud and humbled to join their company.

I’m also very grateful for the extensive editorial work that Lawrence Schoen and Arthur (Buck) Dorrance have done on this piece.  If it weren’t for their input, some of the story’s best scenes wouldn’t exist.  So thanks, guys.

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