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Archive for September 18th, 2013

Launch Pad Takes Off, with “Doppler Shift”

Launch Pad, an anthology of stories by graduates of the Launch Pad Astronomy Workshop, and featuring my story “Doppler Shift,” is now available from Dark Star.

Here’s the jacket copy:

“Mankind is finally coming up against the limits of the physical world.”

-From “Doppler Shift,” by Matthew S. Rotundo

But the imaginations of the writers within these pages reach far beyond those boundaries. The Launch Pad Astronomy Seminar aims to bring more hard science into science fiction. Here are twelve stories that look into our future and find humor, pathos, grand determination and genuine courage, by some of the most creative writers in science fiction today, all veterans of the Launch Pad program.

Introduction by Kevin R. Grazier, Phd
with stories by:
Geoffrey Landis
Matthew Kressel
Mike Brotherton
Mary Turzillo
Jay Lake
Tiffany Trent
Jake Kerr
Michael Kurland
Sandra McDonald
Doug Farren
Matthew S. Rotundo
Jody Lynn Nye

Do be sure to check out Jody Lynn Nye’s story, in which the entire Launch Pad class of 2012, including yours truly, gets Tuckerized.

Currently, you can only get it as an ebook.  I’m told that a dead-tree version will be available later.  Details when I get them.

A portion of the proceeds go to benefit the Launch Pad workshop, which is a Good Thing.  And hey, it’s only $5.99 (cheap).

So, you know—go forth and buy.

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