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Archive for April 21st, 2014

Progress Report, in which I have to watch my step

Another 2800 or so words on the Apocalypse Pictures Presents rewrite brings us to the end of chapter sixteen, and brings Magic Meter to here:

Took care of a lot of business in this chapter, many important revelations that will drive this sucker to a (one hopes) resounding conclusion.  I can’t help feeling that I’m finally emerging from the weeds, that I might make it out of this rewrite alive.

At which point, one would expect the ground to fall out from beneath my feet.  Have to watch my step, I guess.

A snippet:

Angel nodded.  “If you harm me—“

“They’ll kill us whether we harm you or not.”  Susan raised the rifle, slammed the butt into Angel’s head.  His eyes rolled up, and he collapsed into a heap.  As Catherine watched, some blood trickled from his ear.

Susan stood over his unconscious form, breathing hard.  “We have to get out of here.  Now.”

No updates for Write Club.

Walking on.  Carefully, natch.

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