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Archive for May, 2014

Coming Soon: Alembical 3

Hey, look!  It’s the cover for Alembical 3!

Cover image Jakub Šram, cover design Lawrence Schoen


Groovy, no?

Alembical 3 is the latest in a series of anthologies from Paper Golem devoted exclusively to novellas.  It contains my story “From Earth I Have Arisen,” as well as work from Kam Oi Lee and John P. Murphy, and it’s going to press as I type this.

Just in case, you know, you might want to add it to your wish list, or something.

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Progress Report, in which I describe how I roll

So.  Funny thing.  I was hoping to have the rewrite of Apocalypse Pictures Presents done by now, but as regular readers of my progress reports know, that kinda hasn’t happened yet.  And I’m going to this writing retreat at the end of the month, at which the beginning of the novel will be critiqued.

Now, when submitting novel excerpts for critique, it behooves one to include a synopsis of the entire work.  And I’m not done with the entire work yet.  I still have another three or four chapters to go.  But the deadline for the retreat was last week.

Which meant I had to cobble together a synopsis before I had finished the rewrite—an inversion of my process.

And if you are a regular reader of these progress reports, you know that I hate writing synopses.  I don’t know a single writer who enjoys them, but my hatred burns brighter than a thousand suns.

Nonetheless, I got it done.  ‘Cause that’s how I roll, folks:  slow, backward, and griping all the way.  Impressive, isn’t it?

Write Club updates:

Tier one bounce from Apex.  Response time, 42 days.

Tier two bounce from Penumbra.  Response time, 44 days.

Right.  Time to get back on track.

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