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Archive for July, 2014

The 2014 Rotundo World Tour Rolls into OSFest!

This weekend, it’s the next stop on the 2014 Rotundo World Tour—the Omaha Science Fiction and Fantasy Festival, aka OSFest 7.

Here’s my schedule:

Friday, August 1st

Character Building – Steps to take when constructing engaging characters in a novel, manga, or comic. Learn how to create memorable and real characters.  (6:00 pm, Iowa Room)

Saturday, August 2nd

Hard Rocking SF – Panel discussions on SF in rock music including bands, lyrics, and cultural influences.  (11:00 am, Missouri Room)

Mining for Story Nuggets – Where and how to get ideas for short stories and novels.  (2:00 pm, Colorado Room)

Writing 101 – Learn the basics of what you need to know to get started as a writer.  (5:00 pm, Colorado Room)

Sunday, August 3rd

Matt Rotundo Reading – I’ll be reading from “From Earth I Have Arisen.”  And remember my motto:  come for a treat, stay for a tale!  (12:00 pm, Fireside Readings)

Dates, times, and events are subject to change.

Do stop by and say howdy.

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Progress Report, in which you might need some sodium chloride

A quick 8300 words on “The Winter Palace” rewrite brings Magic Meter to that most magical of places:

And that’s that.  I think this little bird is ready to leave the nest.

I gotta be honest, folks:  I like this one a lot.  Like, a lot a lot.  Of course, given that I’m the worst judge of my own work, you should take that with a rather large block of sodium chloride.

A final snippet:

At the secret door, rock in hand, she hesitated, torn in an agony of doubt and fear.  She was only a little girl.  How could she be expected to do this?  It was so wrong . . . and at the same time, it had to be her, and no one else.  She had climbed thornfruit trees, had braved the catacombs.

And for my next trick . . . um.  I don’t know.  Need to think of something.  If anyone has any ideas, do let me know, will you?  Thanks in advance.

Write Club update:  A tier one bounce from an agent on a novel query.  Response time, 26 days.

On to the Next Big Thing.  Whatever that may be.

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Progress Report, in which I do not ask for your approval

Business travel and a metric crapload of familial obligations last week = meager progress on the rewrite of “The Winter Palace.”  But such progress as there was, I submit forthwith for your approval:

OK, I’m not really asking for approval.  It’s just an expression, folks.  Go with it.

Anyway, hoping for better progress this week.  As always.

Your snippet:

“The Nayeed—”  Jessica stopped herself before she said anything more.  She’d been on the verge of asking if it was true that the Nayeed had built the Winter Palace, but Father would demand to know who had told her that.  She licked her dry lips.  “Father . . . are the Nayeed all liars, like the snakes?”

Father exchanged a glance with Mother.  “They . . . one must be careful with them.  They do not love northerners.  But not everything they say is a lie.”

“Not like snakes, then?”

“No, not like snakes.  But you still stay away from them, all the same.”

No updates for Write Club.

And I’m gone.

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