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Archive for August, 2014

And now, an interview with your host (me)

So the blog’s been dark for a while.  Sorry about that, folks.  I was kind of in Europe.

But take heart; I’m back.  I still have lots of catching up to do, and I suppose some kind of report on my travels is to be expected.  For the nonce, though, please to enjoy this little interview with me at OSFest, courtesy of Zorra Reed, she of Sirens Trinity Productions.

In it, I discuss Alembical 3, the way I’m wired, and karaoke.  As one does.

There.  Hope that tides you over.

Current Music: "Streets Cry Freedom"--Badlands

Progress Report, in which I collapse in a heap

A funny thing happened while I was taking one last pass through “The Winter Palace,” scouring for typos or other infelicities—OSFest 7.

Panels.  Seeing old friends.  Making new ones.  Eating.  Drinking.  Readings.  Making merry.  Staying up way too late.  Getting up way too early.  Even getting interviewed.  (!)  And then collapsing in a heap when it was all over.

In other words, it was a con.

Right.  So now I need to finish up that cleanup draft, and get ready for Loncon 3.  Which, you know, is in London.  Eep!

Write Club update:  A request for a partial from an agent.  Response time, 3 days.  Hmmm . . .

And I’m out.

Current Music: "Pain and Sorrow"--Joe Bonamassa