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Archive for October 6th, 2014

Progress Report, in which I face a hard stop

About 2600 words on the new story brings Magic Meter here:

Remember how I was worried about whether this story would work?  Well . . . maybe it will.  Maybe.

It’s a strange one, that’s for sure.  But then again, it’s me.  What else would you expect?

Oh, and something else I should note:  unlike other word count goals, that 5K upper limit is not an educated guess.  It’s a hard stop.  This one is for a contest, remember, and 5K is the maximum allowable verbiage.  I’m not sure I can wrap up this first draft in another 900 words, but it will be close.  Enough, I hope, for me to make a few judicious trims before the deadline.  Which, by the way, is this Sunday.

So will our hero make the deadline?  Tune in next week to find out!

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Laterz . . .

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