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Archive for October 20th, 2014

Progress Report, in which I feel brave and reckless

When we last left our hero, he had pretty much written himself into a corner.  But wait!  What’s this?  Looks like an update from Magic Meter!

Ha!  Take that, stubborn story!

And that’s a first draft.  Since I didn’t put it in the Codex contest, I suppose there’s no need for anonymity:  it’s called “The Applause,” although that title might change.  I’m still not sure the piece works, but then, I never am.

And what the hell—since I’m feeling all brave and reckless, here’s a snippet:

As Crystal takes the stage, I huddle in the shadows in the corner of the bar, wondering if I am actually capable of killing her—or whoever it was that did this to me.  An hour ago, I wasn’t so sure.  But with every minute that passes, I become more certain that I can do it, that I will do it.  If I have to.

Cheerful, eh?  Hey, what did you expect?  It’s a Halloween story.

Now I have to get ready for MileHiCon, and figure out my next novel project.  I’m kinda interested to learn what it will be, because at the moment, I got nothin’.  So that’s exciting.

Kind of.

No updates for Write Club.

Laterz . . .

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