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Archive for November, 2014

Progress Report, in which I lack a d7

In trying to choose my next novel project, I find I have a few options.  I spent last week trying to jot down some pros and cons for each.

Novel Project A is one I attempted to write in 2012, an expansion of “Canaan,” which appeared in Jim Baen’s Universe.  I got about 3K into it before I realized that I just didn’t have the story yet.  Pros:  It’s the idea that’s been developed the most, and I even have some verbiage.  Cons:  I’m still struggling with the structure and setup.  I don’t know how to incorporate the original story—whether it should just be backstory, or whether it should be a chapter (or two) on its own.  And I wonder if, after so much time, it will be possible to rekindle the necessary fire.

Novel Project B would be an expansion of “Gone Black.”  Pros:  The short story was very well received, good enough to win an award and garner several positive reviews.  It might be the best known piece in my repertoire.  Cons:  I have an idea about how to expand this to novel length, but I’m not at all satisfied with it.  The protagonist just doesn’t have enough of a stake in the story.  And a lot of time has passed since this one’s seen print, too.  Does anyone still care?

Novel Project C would be an expansion of a novelette I completed earlier this year, “The Winter Palace.”  Pros:  It’s the freshest one of the bunch, and there seems to be plenty of room for a longer story.  Cons:  The short hasn’t sold yet, so I don’t know if this one’s as good as I think it is.  Also, based on the age of the protagonist, it would probably be considered a Middle Grade novel, and I know nothing about writing MG.

Novel Project D would be something based on a writing exercise I did earlier this year, at Constellation.  Pros:  It intrigues me.  It’s one of those settings that I’ve always wanted to explore.  Cons:  It’s just an idea at this point.  There’s no story.  At all.

Novel Project E would be an awesome time travel story.  Pros:  Awesome time travel.  Cons:  I’ve just told you everything I know about it.

Novel Project F would be a sequel—either to Wet Work or the next book in the Petra series.   Pros:  I already have my protagonists, antagonists, and some pretty good ideas about the plot for either sequel.  Cons:  I promised myself I wouldn’t write another sequel until and unless I got some serious interest from either agents or publishers.  So far, I have interest from no one.

And I suppose there’s always Novel Project G—none of the above.  Something entirely new.

Obviously, I’m still mired in the swamps of indecision.  Flipping a coin doesn’t seem like an effective way to choose from seven options.  And I’ve never seen a seven-sided die.

So . . . yeah.  That’s where I am at the moment.  Maybe I’ll know more next week.

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Off to ponder . . .

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