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Archive for December, 2014

Progress Report, in which I make a prediction about my ending

Still in Dream Time on Petra Rising.  The opening is coming into clearer focus, thank goodness, but I’m doubtful that I’ll be able to start drafting when the calendar flips.  I might need a few more weeks.

It’s occurred to me that in this third volume, I’m feeling a bit of (self-imposed) pressure to stick the landing.  And that strikes me as more than a little hilarious, given that maybe three people in the world have read both of the previous two novels.

Yeah, would hate to let the three of you down.

But as is usual in this phase of what passes for my process, I really have no idea how the thing will end, anyway.  It’s a pretty good bet that some things will blow up, as is my wont.  Beyond that, though, you know as much as I do.

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Brace yourselves:  2015 is coming right at us.

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Holiday Cheer, 2014 Edition

Joe and I would like to wish you the happiest of holidays.


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Progress Report, in which I reveal what even a pantser needs to know beforehand

It seems that the note-making on Petra Rising has led me down a bit of a research rabbit hole.  This is both good and bad news.  Good news, because it’s stuff I’ll need to know to write this thing, and will (one hopes) give me some better sense of where it’s going.  Bad news, because . . . well, there are less than two weeks left in the year, and I wanted to start drafting at the beginning of January, and as of yet I don’t even know where to begin the story.

Kind of important to have an opening in mind, I think, even for a pantser like me.

So.  Yeah.  I should probably work on that.

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Headlong into the holidays . . .

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