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Archive for April, 2015

Progress Report, in which there are pluses and minuses

Minuscule verbiage, but hey, it counts.  Magic Meter says so:

In the plus column, I’m into that second chapter I was so apprehensive about, and it’s going better than expected.  Sometimes, you just gotta, you know, do the work.

In the minus column, my schedule of late has been unforgiving, and that has to change.  Rearrangement of priorities is in order.

Meanwhile, your snippet:

In a moment’s lull between shellbursts, a stray report sounded, much fainter than the others.  Kane would have dismissed it, except that it had come from the wrong direction, from somewhere behind him.  He turned in his chair, just in time to hear shouts of alarm.

He had to crane his neck to see past the crowd.  Several others, mostly toward the rear, were looking in the same direction as him and pointing.  They had heard it, too.

Kane stood, frowning.  Whatever it had been, it had been a bit further away than the fireworks display.  He peered into the surrounding darkness, unsure what he was looking for.

He saw it a moment later.  A gout of flame appeared in the night, highlighting black, billowing smoke.

Write Club updates:

Fifty days to a personalized bounce from Beneath Ceaseless Skies.  And as previously announced, 3 days to a sale (yay!) to Eldritch Embraces.  More pluses and minuses, I guess.


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Eldritch Embraces gobbles “Take This, and Eat”

A couple of days ago, I mentioned I’d found an anthology whose theme was a perfect fit for a story of mine.  Seems the editor of said anthology–titled Eldritch Embraces–agrees.   Three days from submission to sale.

Eldritch Embraces will be published Dragon’s Roost Press.  The anthology aims to “put the love back in Lovecraft.”   Yes, folks, it’s all about love, romance, and Elder Gods.  And if that isn’t cool enough, it’s a charity anthology, to raise money for a canine rescue operation.

My story is called “Take This, and Eat.”  Here’s a (*cough*) taste:

A kind of chicken teriyaki dish, Leah had said.  And it certainly looked promising at first—generous portions of noodles and meat, without too many vegetables for Darren to pick around.  It smelled spicy, sparking a bit of an appetite in him.  Using the tongs the waiter had brought, he optimistically helped himself to a heaping plateful.

Then he caught a glimpse of the tentacle in his food, and his appetite vanished.

At first he thought he might be mistaken, but a second glance confirmed it—long, black, rubbery, with small suckers running down its length.

Eldritch Embraces should be out sometime next year.

Been a long dry spell.   Happy to break it.

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Progress Report, in which there isn’t a total loss

As expected, Real World stuff ate most of my productivity last week, and whatever was left, I destroyed on my own.  Like I do.

But!  I did some database updates and put some manuscripts into circulation—including one piece that I shipped to an anthology whose theme is pretty much a perfect fit.  It doesn’t pay well (which, for genre fiction, is saying a lot), but the story seemed so right for this market that I just couldn’t pass it up.

So the week wasn’t a total loss.  I know you’re relieved.

No updates for Write Club.

And now, back to productivity.  I hope.

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