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Archive for May, 2015

Progress Report, in which things just keep happening

Oops.  Kinda missed last week’s update.  I kept meaning to do it, and then something else came up, and then something else, and then . . .

Then it was Monday again.

Well.  These things happen.  A lot, lately.

Anyway, you know what else happened?  ConStellation 6, in sunny Lincoln, Nebraska.  Except that it wasn’t so sunny, most of the time.  We managed to enjoy ourselves, anyway.  I had fun doing a Star Wars panel, in which there was lively discussion about the new films.  There was a room party in which I helped dispense some blue concoction I nicknamed Romulan Ale, although said moniker somehow failed to catch on with attendees.  I even sold and signed a copy of Alembical 3, the profits from which I spent the next day in the dealer’s room.

Good times, good times.  But boy, I would sure love for the Vastly Overrated Real World to settle down enough for me to get some writing in.  Maybe someday . . .

Write Club update:

Tier one bounces from Giganotosaurus and F & SF.  Response times, 32 and 12 days, respectively.


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First Stop on the 2015 Rotundo World Tour: ConStellation

The 2015 Rotundo World Tour kicks off this weekend with ConStellation, just down the road from me, in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Here’s my schedule:

Saturday, 5/9/15

12:00–Vega Room–Star Wars:  The Fans Awaken.  You’re J. J. Abrams. Disney has handed you the reins of the Star Wars franchise. You have many of the original cast members back. You have a script by Lawrence Kasdan. You have an unlimited budget. What do you do with it all? Where do you take the series from here?  A discussion of our hopes and fears for the future of the franchise. Can it regain its past glory? Or should it even try?

3:00–Reading Room–Matthew S. Rotund0 Reading.  Remember my motto:  Come for a treat, stay for a tale!  (Hint:  That means there will be treats.)

Hope to see you there!

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