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2015 Pimpage, aka Petra is available for your nominating pleasure


So it seems that award season is upon us once again.

If you’re reading for the Nebulas or Hugos, and are looking for some slam-bang space opera adventure, you might enjoy my novel Petra, published December 2015.  If you’d like a copy, hit me up in the comments.  I have mobi and epub versions available.

As always, I encourage you to read widely and recognize that which you deem worthy.

Here endeth the pimpage.  For now.

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2 Responses to “2015 Pimpage, aka Petra is available for your nominating pleasure”

  • Sandi Evers-Nahriri says:


    Being of the paper mentality, I am excited to know when Petra will be available in print. Would really like to be put on the top of the list for purchasing a copy. You have always had such a talent; I am proud to see your labors bear fruit. Not to mention, I really appreciate your kindness toward my older son, Christian. He thinks that you are “clutch”, which I understand to be equivalent to amazing.

    I appreciate your time and consideration. Give my best to Tracy (implied).


    • Matthew S. Rotundo says:

      Thanks, Sandi! You’re too kind.

      The print edition is almost ready. It’s been a slower process than I would have liked, but I’ve learned a lot. I will certainly let the world know as soon as it’s available.

      Tell Christian I said hi, and rock on.



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