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Watch this space for updates!

Progress Report, in which I realize that I’m a writer

The most productive thing I accomplished last week was reading some Hugo- and Nebula-eligible stories.  I’m also mulling several potential new projects.  It’s possible that a short story or two might be forthcoming before I jump into another novel-length work.

You know, given how much trouble I had with writing From Earth I Have Arisen, one would think I’d be sick of this gig for a while.  But I’m only a couple of weeks out from completing that very difficult first draft, and already I kinda miss drafting.  Chalk it up to selective recall or whatever, but seriously–what kind of sick imbecile does that make me?

Oh, right.  A writer.

No updates for Write Club.

I’m out.

Happy Birthday, Lee!

You know I wouldn’t do this for just anyone, right?  But when the princess commands . . .

That’s right–a tiara from Nebraska.  Don’t say I never gave you anything.

Progress Report, in which I discover a new motivational trick

Between projects, which means it’s time once again to catch up on correspondence, update the submissions database, and get some stories back in circulation.

It’s also time to decide what to work on next.  Many things come to mind, not all of them involving new stories.  For example, I need to 1) read for the Nebulas and Hugos; 2) get my website up and running (a goal of mine that keeps getting missed, for various reasons); or 3) clean my office (Gawd, is it a cluttered mess).

And yet, perversely enough, with all this stuff piling up, my muse has seen fit to drop a few story seeds in my brain.  If any of them take root, the office clutter will have to persist for a while longer.  Because if there’s one thing I try harder to weasel out of than writing, it’s cleaning. 

Hmmm.  Perhaps I’ve discovered a new motivational trick.

Write Club update:  A personalized bounce from IGMS, with a suggestion for a rewrite that I’ll have to mull.  Response time, one day.

Moving on . . .