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Welcome to Matthew S. Rotundo's home page. Matt is an award-winning writer of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Read more about him here.

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ConStellation 9
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April 20-22

WorldCon 76
San Jose, CA
August 16-20

MileHiCon 50
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First Annual InterGalactic Awards–A Reminder

Reminder:  The good folks at Intergalactic Medicine Show are doing their First Annual InterGalactic Awards, for stories and illustrations appearing in the magazine last year.  If you’re an IGMS subscriber, you’re eligible to vote.

Hurry!  Voting ends on January 31st.

(Oh, and my story "Right Before Your Very Eyes," which appeared in issue #19 last year, would be eligible.  Just sayin’.)

Progress Report, in which I think deep thoughts

The (vastly overrated) Real World reared its ugly head last week, as it is wont to do.  Still, I accomplished a few things:  more Hugo/Nebula reading, some organizing of my office (a project that I expect will last several weeks), and jotting down a few notes on–of all things–time travel.

Hey, I’m a writer and a geek.  We think about these kinds of things from time to time. 

I might get around to posting some of these time travel thoughts, which I found quite interesting and illuminating.  They might not be blazingly original, but they’re at least new to me.  As to whether they will find their way into a story sometime . . . hard to say.  But knowing me, they probably will.

So I’m kind of coasting here lately.  Did you notice?  Yeah.  I’ll settle into some new project soon enough, I figure.

Write Club update:  A personalized note from Tor.com on a short story, with apologies for the lengthy response time (about 10.5 months).

Till next time . . .

Progress Report, in which I realize that I’m a writer

The most productive thing I accomplished last week was reading some Hugo- and Nebula-eligible stories.  I’m also mulling several potential new projects.  It’s possible that a short story or two might be forthcoming before I jump into another novel-length work.

You know, given how much trouble I had with writing From Earth I Have Arisen, one would think I’d be sick of this gig for a while.  But I’m only a couple of weeks out from completing that very difficult first draft, and already I kinda miss drafting.  Chalk it up to selective recall or whatever, but seriously–what kind of sick imbecile does that make me?

Oh, right.  A writer.

No updates for Write Club.

I’m out.