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Progress Report, in which I set your mind at ease

Decent progress last week, in that I managed to get a pretty good handle on one of my subplots for Petra Rising.

And I find, now that I’m some weeks in, that my Dream Time has taken on a bit of a structure.  When I first start jotting notes for a new novel, they’re usually pretty random—bits of characterization, concepts, questions.  Now, I have a much better idea of what I need to focus on.  Barring any derailments—which could of course still happen—I figure I need to work on two other subplots, and then I’ll be ready to start drafting.

Understand, when I say “work on,” I don’t mean “have it all plotted out.”  All of these notes are basically just enough to get me started.  I still have very little idea how this thing will end.  So don’t worry, folks; I’m still a pantser, in case you were concerned.  Hope I’ve set your mind at ease.

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And I’m out.

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Progress Report, in which hope is expressed

So here it is 2015, and—surprise!—I’m not ready to start Petra Rising yet.

What do you mean, you’re not surprised?

OK, fine.  Neither am I.

I have my inciting incident figured out, at least.  So that’s something.  But it’s not quite enough, not for a story with as many moving parts as this one has.

A few more weeks of Dream Time, then.  Maybe a month.  Then, words will roll.

I hope.

Hey, it’s a new year.  I can be hopeful, can’t I?

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Progress Report, in which I make a prediction about my ending

Still in Dream Time on Petra Rising.  The opening is coming into clearer focus, thank goodness, but I’m doubtful that I’ll be able to start drafting when the calendar flips.  I might need a few more weeks.

It’s occurred to me that in this third volume, I’m feeling a bit of (self-imposed) pressure to stick the landing.  And that strikes me as more than a little hilarious, given that maybe three people in the world have read both of the previous two novels.

Yeah, would hate to let the three of you down.

But as is usual in this phase of what passes for my process, I really have no idea how the thing will end, anyway.  It’s a pretty good bet that some things will blow up, as is my wont.  Beyond that, though, you know as much as I do.

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Brace yourselves:  2015 is coming right at us.

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