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Progress Report, in which I lack a d7

In trying to choose my next novel project, I find I have a few options.  I spent last week trying to jot down some pros and cons for each.

Novel Project A is one I attempted to write in 2012, an expansion of “Canaan,” which appeared in Jim Baen’s Universe.  I got about 3K into it before I realized that I just didn’t have the story yet.  Pros:  It’s the idea that’s been developed the most, and I even have some verbiage.  Cons:  I’m still struggling with the structure and setup.  I don’t know how to incorporate the original story—whether it should just be backstory, or whether it should be a chapter (or two) on its own.  And I wonder if, after so much time, it will be possible to rekindle the necessary fire.

Novel Project B would be an expansion of “Gone Black.”  Pros:  The short story was very well received, good enough to win an award and garner several positive reviews.  It might be the best known piece in my repertoire.  Cons:  I have an idea about how to expand this to novel length, but I’m not at all satisfied with it.  The protagonist just doesn’t have enough of a stake in the story.  And a lot of time has passed since this one’s seen print, too.  Does anyone still care?

Novel Project C would be an expansion of a novelette I completed earlier this year, “The Winter Palace.”  Pros:  It’s the freshest one of the bunch, and there seems to be plenty of room for a longer story.  Cons:  The short hasn’t sold yet, so I don’t know if this one’s as good as I think it is.  Also, based on the age of the protagonist, it would probably be considered a Middle Grade novel, and I know nothing about writing MG.

Novel Project D would be something based on a writing exercise I did earlier this year, at Constellation.  Pros:  It intrigues me.  It’s one of those settings that I’ve always wanted to explore.  Cons:  It’s just an idea at this point.  There’s no story.  At all.

Novel Project E would be an awesome time travel story.  Pros:  Awesome time travel.  Cons:  I’ve just told you everything I know about it.

Novel Project F would be a sequel—either to Wet Work or the next book in the Petra series.   Pros:  I already have my protagonists, antagonists, and some pretty good ideas about the plot for either sequel.  Cons:  I promised myself I wouldn’t write another sequel until and unless I got some serious interest from either agents or publishers.  So far, I have interest from no one.

And I suppose there’s always Novel Project G—none of the above.  Something entirely new.

Obviously, I’m still mired in the swamps of indecision.  Flipping a coin doesn’t seem like an effective way to choose from seven options.  And I’ve never seen a seven-sided die.

So . . . yeah.  That’s where I am at the moment.  Maybe I’ll know more next week.

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Off to ponder . . .

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Progress Report, in which I recount some highlights

Last week was all about MileHiCon, which was a swell time, as always.  Some highlights:

My reading went quite well.  I was sharing my slot with two other writers, so my time was limited.  I decided to go with “Fuel,” which I’ve read before, but which audiences tend to enjoy.  I didn’t have time during the panel to get through the whole thing, but I got requests afterward to read the rest.  Which I did, and which got a positive response.

A panel on managing exposition was surprisingly well attended.  In fact, the room was filled to capacity.  Who could have known that topic would be so popular?

I was pleasantly surprised by the “Ask the Authors” panel.  I was a little afraid that there would be nothing but crickets for this one, but people actually came, and we had some fun discussions.

And of course, I got to meet all kinds of groovy new people and chat up old friends.  There wasn’t enough time to see everyone, but then, there never is.  Also, I was a bit under the weather for the con, but was able to secure appropriate medication.  Sudafed, my friends.  Accept no substitutes.  (Thanks again, Lou.)

And that’s it for the 2014 Rotundo World Tour.  Now I just need to figure out my next novel.

Wish me luck with that, wouldya?

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I’m out.

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Progress Report, in which I feel brave and reckless

When we last left our hero, he had pretty much written himself into a corner.  But wait!  What’s this?  Looks like an update from Magic Meter!

Ha!  Take that, stubborn story!

And that’s a first draft.  Since I didn’t put it in the Codex contest, I suppose there’s no need for anonymity:  it’s called “The Applause,” although that title might change.  I’m still not sure the piece works, but then, I never am.

And what the hell—since I’m feeling all brave and reckless, here’s a snippet:

As Crystal takes the stage, I huddle in the shadows in the corner of the bar, wondering if I am actually capable of killing her—or whoever it was that did this to me.  An hour ago, I wasn’t so sure.  But with every minute that passes, I become more certain that I can do it, that I will do it.  If I have to.

Cheerful, eh?  Hey, what did you expect?  It’s a Halloween story.

Now I have to get ready for MileHiCon, and figure out my next novel project.  I’m kinda interested to learn what it will be, because at the moment, I got nothin’.  So that’s exciting.

Kind of.

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Laterz . . .

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