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State of the ‘Skers, 2010 Edition

Hard to believe that college football season is upon us. The first game is in two days, and my beloved ‘Skers take the field on Saturday night.

Much football blathering behind the cut . . .

Progress Report, in which I am liberated

The first couple of Wet Work queries are in the wild.  Agents, be afraid.  None of you are safe from my Query Letter of Despair, nor my Synopsis of Doom.  We will not even speak of my Excerpt of Evil.

More queries need to be sent, of course, and a few more manuscripts need homes, but I’ve pretty much worked through my to-do list.  While some items remain outstanding, I feel more on top of things than I have in months.  This is Good Thing.

Regular readers of these entries will know that I’ve been beating myself up for not having a new novel project ready to go yet.  But in one of those rare moments of clarity, it occurred to me that this stuff will happen in its own time–as it always does.  And maybe part of that process was the clearing away of all this mental clutter (and a bit of the physical clutter, too).

That realization, late in coming and perhaps a bit obvious, nonetheless felt . . . liberating.

Next up, then:  I have an appointment with a blank page.  Some might find that intimidating, but I’m excited.  I wonder what I’ll write there.

I’m also jazzed about Dragon*Con, the next stop on the 2010 Rotundo World Tour.  I’m going in as a civilian this time, which has its upside–no panels to prepare for, and all.  So heads up, Atlanta.  Incoming!  Hope to see some of y’all there.

Write Club update:  tier one reject from Daily Science Fiction.  Response time, seven days.

Gotta get to dreaming . . .

Progress report, in which I wonder what to do with myself, briefly

More tweaking and revising of the Wet Work synopsis last week, along with the drafting of a query letter.  I’m now officially sick of looking at the damned thing, so I’m calling it done.  Now I just need to decide which lucky agents will get the privilege of ignoring me.

Also whittled away at the infamous to-do list, and even got a few mss back into circulation.  That always feels good.

‘Twixt now and Dragon*Con, I need to proof a galley, send out queries, and work on a couple of other writing-related program activities.  But the list is getting shorter.  Heck, it almost feels manageable.  Dude.  Whatever will I do with myself once I get all this stuff done?

Oh, yeah.  Write something.  Got it.

No updates for Write Club.

I’m out.