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Adventures in SciFi Publishing 2.0

Adventures in SciFi Publishing, the podcast ably crewed by Shaun Farrell, has a new sound, a new focus, and a groovy new website.  Shaun and his staff bring you tons of news and interviews with everyone and anyone involved in the field of science fiction and fantasy publishing.  He even interviewed li’l ol’ me last year, along with my Writers of the Future compadre Jordan Lapp.  His enthusiasm is limitless and infectious.

The latest installment features Brent Weeks.  Future episodes, Shaun says, will feature Ann VanderMeer, John Picacio, Lou Anders, Brandon Sanderson, Paul Cornell, and many more.

So if you aren’t familiar with AISFP yet, check ’em out.


Progress Report, in which I draw a line in the sand

Spent the last week prepping to send Wet Work into the wild–aka drafting the synopsis.

I may have mentioned in the past that I hate these thrice-damned things.  I don’t know a single writer who doesn’t.  (And just you wait.  Now that I’ve said that, some smartass is going to tell my how much he/she loves writing synopses.  Just you wait.)  But the good news is that I already had a draft to work with, left over from the Codex novel contest.  I tweaked and twiddled a bit, working in the changes I had made in the rewrite.  It clocked in at just over a thousand words, which struck me as a bit too long.  So then I did another draft, which came in at 500 words.  For those who have never done this kind of thing, I gotta tell ya, it’s . . . instructive.  You have to boil down your story to the absolute bare minimum of plot and characters, and hope that you’ve somehow managed to retain some flavor.  I don’t know how successful I’ve been at this, but I suppose I’ll find out soon enough.

I also note that it’s now the middle of August, and I still don’t know what the next novel will be.  Oh, I have some ideas, but nothing’s really gelled yet.  I also became suddenly plagued by doubt about the one project I was leaning toward:  really, why in the hell should I write another science fiction novel at this time?  The SF novel market, quite frankly, sucks.  Hard.  I’d be much better off with some kind of fantasy story–but I don’t have any novel-length fantasy percolating at the moment.

So maybe I don’t do a novel this year, much as the thought pains me.  Maybe I replenish my severely depleted stock of short stories instead.  Maybe that makes more sense at this time.  Maybe then I can stop making myself crazy.

Or not.  Knowing me, I’ll change my mind in another week.

But I’m at least certain of this much:  I’m sick of not producing.  It’s wearing on me.  I’m tired of just drifting.  So I’m drawing a line in the sand:  September 1st.  Come that day, I start something new.  That gives me the rest of this month to whittle my to-do list down to something manageable.  And then, I draft.  Something.  Anything.  Given that I’ve done no novel prep, this will likely be a short story.  Or two.  Or three.  Whatever.  Maybe this, if nothing else, will shake the new novel loose.  But whichever way I go, be advised that something new is coming.  Soon.

No updates for Write Club.

And I’m out.

Progress Report, in which I sum up

Last week was all about the NASFiC in Raleigh, North Carolina.  A detailed accounting of the goings-on there would be . . . uh, detailed.  So it’ll have to wait.

In sum, I met old friends (including a few whose appearance at NASFiC was a complete surprise to me), made new ones, gave a reading, did a workshop, bought books, attended numerous panels and parties meet and greets, sampled new cuisines (genuine NC barbecue . . . mmm), drank beer, skimped on sleep, said numerous good-byes, and arrived home drained but happy for the experience.

It was, in other words, a convention.

My thanks to everyone who worked so hard on this NASFiC, and my fondest regards to all my peeps out there, now once again scattered to the four winds.  Till next time, me droogies.

Write Club update:  A no from Bull Spec, with apologies for the long wait–about nine months.

Pardon me; my to-do list beckons.