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Progress Report, in which I get in touch with my inner child

Done with my read-through of Petra Released, preparatory to drafting the third volume in the series.  Lots of good stuff in there, I thought.  Rereading it made me pretty happy.  I have a fondness for stories about grand, star-spanning civilizations, and that’s just what I’ve written.  It’s the kid in me, I guess.

Now I have to figure out where to go from here.  As usual, my problem is having too many choices.  Lots of dangling threads, and they could lead in many different directions.  Choices must be made.

I also have some tricky structural issues to resolve.  For example, some of my characters are currently moving at relativistic speeds, which is going to play merry hell with my timeline.  I had originally seen this as a three-book arc, with the option to add further volumes—separate arcs—that would take place either before or after the current action.  But there’s a chance this might be a four-book sequence, something I hadn’t considered a possibility until very recently.

Must ponder some more.  And must make some more notes, if I’m to have any chance of starting this thing early January.

Write Club update:  Tier one bounce from IGMS.  Response time, 96 days.  Not gonna lie, folks—that one kinda stings.

Anyway, onward.

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2014 Pimpage

So it’s awards season again.  If you’re reading for the Nebulas or Hugos, please note that my novella “From Earth I Have Arisen”—which appeared in Alembical 3 (Paper Golem) in May 2014—is eligible.  One reviewer called it “a crackerjack post-apocalyptic action-adventure tale,”  which I thought was quite kind.

If you’d like a copy, hit me up in the comments.

Here endeth the pimpage.

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Progress Report, in which I wonder about George R. R. Martin

Am now officially into dream time on Petra Rising, which basically consists of me scribbling random notes until I feel ready to begin drafting.  But there’s a little wrinkle to the process this time around:  as I’m working on a sequel, I’m going back through the previous volume in the series, Petra Released, and reacquainting myself with it.  This is a little weird, taking notes on my own novel, but undeniably helpful.  My experience writing Petra Released taught me that I’ll forget a lot of important stuff.

Like, for example, a key supporting character.  I’m sitting there rereading my book, and this guy pops up, and my first reaction was, “Who the hell is that?”  Only after he announced his name did I remember him, and then only vaguely.

So, yeah.  I’m relearning a bunch of stuff I once knew.  Occupational hazard with sequels, I guess.  How George R.R. Martin does it, I will never know.

Write Club update:  Tier one bounce from Fireside.  Response time, 42 days.

Back into dream time . . .

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