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Oral Roberts: A Remembrance

Way back in 1986, when good old Oral announced that the Almighty would rub him out if he didn’t come up with $8 million, I remember thinking that no one should send him a penny. Just imagine: if God had delivered on the threat, I would have become a believer on the spot. And so would you. And so would most of the world, I’m guessing. His ministry would never again want for followers or cash.

What a missed opportunity.

The Internet Sucks

It is with profound sadness and wonder that I note how quickly intelligent adults–people I admire both personally and professionally–have degenerated into gibbering morons capable of little more than infantile invective.

Wake me when this nightmare ends.

The Power of Stupid Compels You

Great news for homosexuals!  A church in Connecticut is willing to cast out your gay demons.

Just curious–why doesn’t this church exorcise adultery demons?  Not demonic enough?