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Progress Report, in which I do something weird

Research continues on Apocalypse Pictures Presents, and it appears to be bearing fruit.  I’m done picking brains for the nonce, and am now doing some good old fashioned reading.

I know, right?  How weird is that?

But it’s good stuff, folks.  I really want to nail this rewrite, and I feel I’m heading in the right direction.

Write Club update:  Tier one bounce from Strange Horizons.  Response time, 17 days.

I’m out.

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Progress Report, in which I wipe away drool

I’ve spent the last week picking brains.  Sweet, delicious brains.  Ripe, juicy, and full to bursting with knowledge.  Braised, broasted, pan-fried, or even al dente—no, sir, nothing beats brains.  Braaaaains . . .

*wipes away drool*

In other words, the research for Apocalypse Pictures Presents is progressing.  It does involve actual interaction with, you know, people—which perhaps explains why I’ve put it off for so long.  Many folks assume I’m an extrovert, but when I see myself go to such extreme lengths to avoid speaking with other human beings, I kind of tend to doubt it.

Or maybe I just don’t like admitting that there are still some things I don’t know, and that I need help.

Or maybe I just really like the taste of brains.  Yummy, yummy braaaaains . . .

*wipes away drool again*

Up next—research continues until I’ve gotten my fill learned what I need to know.

No updates for Write Club.

Excuse me, I need to find a napkin . . .

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Progress Report, in which I check my hindsight

As I continued scribbling notes for my rewrite of Apocalypse Pictures Presents, I realized something kind of important:  I have some gaps in my research.

As in, I haven’t really done any.

Oh, I’ve done a little, sure.  But for the most part, I coasted through the first draft on what I already knew, or thought I knew.  And that’s just not good enough.  It occurs to me that some of the roadblocks I’m running up against in this rewrite stem from my ignorance.

So it’s time to head for the drawing board.  I can’t say I’m going back to said board, since I haven’t actually been there yet.  Which is, I’ll admit, probably not the proper order for this kind of thing.  I’m sure I would have had an easier time with my first draft and with this rewrite had I done the legwork up front.

Ah, well.  My hindsight once again proves to be excellent.  I must enjoy the challenge, or something.

Anyway, onward.

No updates for Write Club.

I’m out.

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