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Progress Report, in which the joke may be on your faithful correspondent

So I figured while I was paused on my notes for Petra Rising, I might as well take the opportunity to update my database and get some manuscripts back into circulation.  Which is what I did.

Now I’m back to my notes, trying to work out a subplot issue.  But I think I’m ready for a bold prediction:  the new novel will roll on April 1st.

That’s right–April Fool’s Day.  There’s actually some precedent for this:  I had started the first draft of Petra Released on an April 1st, too.  So if it’s worked before, I figure it will work again.  Time will tell if the joke is on me.

A few more weeks, then, and we’ll see the long-awaited return of Magic Meter.  I’m sure the anticipation is killing you.

Write Club updates:

A tier one bounce from Fantastic.  Response time, two days.

And a bounce from an agent on a novel query.  Response time, one day.

So it goes.


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Progress Report, in which I have a good excuse (for once)

Still haven’t started drafting Petra Rising yet, but I have a good excuse:  I was working on a rewrite.

That’s a good excuse, right?

See, I’d gotten some useful editorial feedback on “The Winter Palace.”  The opening needed trimming, and I thought I had a good idea how to do it.  And I wanted to get that out of the way before I dove headfirst into the first draft of a new novel.  So that’s what I did.

Now “The Winter Palace” is back in the wild, and I can return to Petra Rising.  At least one more subplot bears further examination.  Then the novel rolls.  For realz.

Write Club update:  31 days to a bounce from BuzzyMag, which is going on hiatus, citing medical issues.


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Progress Report, in which I am not outlining. Really.

So you might be wondering if I’ve started drafting Petra Rising yet.  That would be a no.

Every time I think I’m just about ready, I ask myself a few more questions about the story, and find subplots that still need a bit of ironing out.  If this keeps up much longer, I might have to call my notes an actual outline and turn in my pantser card.

Kidding.  They’re just notes.  Really they are.  They’re not an outline.  Not not not not not.  So there.

No updates for Write Club.


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